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 Dame Julian of Norwich. Dame Julian was an “anchoress” of the 14th Century Norwich, England (you know, the place where the Man in the Moon came down too soon).  She lived an uneventful life, if you discount the black plague, losing your entire family and coming down with an illness so severe that she was pretty sure that it was the end. In the throes of what seemed like her final hours, she had several visions of the Passion of Christ and miraculously recovered. Becoming an anchoress meant living a life of solitude, contemplation and (in her case) writing. In face, her writings are the earliest known English writings by a woman. She dispensed wisdom, advice and solace to people coming to her cell, and is known for her philosophy of God’s Love (she wrote, among other things, “Revelations of Divine Love”). In the midst of the chaos of her time she recalled words attributed to Christ (which we could use today)              

 “All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well.” 

Julian of Norwich Prayer: