Daily Office

The Daily Office is said Monday through Friday at 10:00am in the Church.


The Daily Office is also known as the Daily Prayers of the Church.  In traditional Anglicanism, the Office consisted of Morning and Evening Prayer said daily, with Eucharist on Sundays.  At St. Francis you won’t find us substituting one for the other, because each plays an important role in a Christian’s life.  Instead of an either/or, it becomes a both/and.


While the Office is said in the Church at 10:00am Mondays through Fridays, many people choose to say it on their own.  This is an excellent option for those whom 10:00 is inconvenient, and for those who wish to do the other services – Noonday Prayers, Evening Prayer, and Compline.  Some say the Office right out of their Prayer Book and Bible, others use an app on their smart phones.  Two of the best ones are from the Mission of St. Clare and Forward Day by Day.  Some others like to download podcasts of the Office from iTunes.  One of the most popular is Audio Daily Office @ The Trinity Mission.


There are still some others for whom time is a factor, and so they choose to use the short forms of the Daily Office found in the Prayer Book.


Options for the Daily Office

  • Attend a 10:00 service Monday through Friday

  • Say the Office on your own using a Prayer Book and Bible

  • Use an app on your smartphone

    • Mission of St Clare

    • Forward Day by Day

  • Subscribe to a Podcast

    • Audio Daily Office

  • Pray the Short Version of the Office on your own.


Try one of these options and see how it goes.