A Note from Bishop Haynes

Earlier this year, while walking my daughter’s overly enthusiastic dog, I tripped and fell. Since then, I have had severe pain issues affecting my back, hip, and leg. After attempts to address the issue conservatively, doctors have determined that surgery is necessary. Therefore, on Wednesday, May 3, I will be undergoing a procedure to correct the situation. I am told that I will require a recovery period of 2 weeks at home and an additional 4 weeks of light duty at work. During my time away, the diocesan staff stands ready to assist you. I am gratified and uplifted by your care and concern, as many have asked what they can do to help. I invite your prayers. During my recovery time I may not be able to be completely present to you, but I look forward to the healing offered by The Great Physician and those with whom He has endowed healing gifts. And I look forward once again to throwing myself abundantly and robustly into the life of this diocese.

Yours faithfully in Christ,

+Bishop Susan