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Dear St. Francis Family,

Over the years as your rector, we have addressed several issues related to our physical building and grounds.  I remember when I first arrived, the thought of raising funds for a new parking lot seemed insurmountable.  And yet we did it along with some other needed projects.  Several years after later the roof began leaking inside the Nave, and we were again able to raise funds to make the necessary repairs.  

Now the time has come again.  The two heating and air conditioning units in our Church are showing their age, and one needs significant repairs.  We are in a strong position to begin raising funds now for the eventual time when those units will need to be replaced.  In addition, we have a few smaller projects in the Church that need addressing, and the Vestry has rolled them into this same fundraising plan.  

This fundraiser is different in that it is proactive.  We are raising funds for a large expenditure that we will have in the future.  I personally believe this is good stewardship because when the time comes we won’t be reacting to an emergency.  

Please take the time to review the projects, estimated costs, and various levels that people can give at.  Donations can either be made in a lump sum, or monthly over five years.  I thank you for all the support you have given St. Francis over the years, and I trust that together we will address this project for the future.  

God’s Peace,

Fr. Conor+    


  • $23,000 – Replace HVAC unit (2x)
  • $2,000 – Gutters
  • $1,800 – Mini-Split (Retroactive)
  • $1,200 – Replace Water Fountain  
  • Possible - $5,266 to repair down HVAC system  
  • Total: $51,000 + $5,266 = $56,266  

Round up to $60,000 goal for incidentals and inflation  

Giving Levels

  • 1 Gift of $12,000 or $200/Month over 5 Years
  • 2 Gifts of $6,000 or $100/Month
  • 4 Gifts of $3,000 or $50/Month
  • 8 Gifts of $1,500 or $25/Month
  • 16 Gifts of $750 or $12.5/Month
  • Many Gifts of $600 or $10/Month    
  • Total Gifts Needed = $12,000/Year  

Current Gifts = $5,200/Year

Current Cash on Hand = $2800  

Ways to Give:

  • Monthly or One-Time Checks
  • Website or App – Use (07510) Special Projects Fund  

Feedback from Stewardship Committee and Congregational Meeting:  


  • The Giving Pyramid is tangible and visual
  • $60K over 5 Years is Realistic
  • Priority on HVAC Repair  


  • How long will the repair last?
  • Is there enough buy in?
  • Is St. Francis experiencing giving fatigue?
  • What else needs to be done?
  • Are these projects realistic?
  • Inflation    


  • Hang gutters in house
  • Combine Fundraising with Donations
  • Raffle
  • ECW Help
  • More people coming,
  • Priority on HVAC repair
  • Get another line of credit from Towne Bank
  • Is there help from the Diocese?
  • Finance through the repair company?
  • Create venue for entertainment for the community, have a “Pass the hat.”
  • Replace the HVAC (At least 1)
  • Install Gutters
  • Win the Lottery :)
  • More visuals of the projects
  • Letter to the congregation
  • Take steps to reduce the impact on the A/C Unit
  • Check the filters regularly
  • Investigate backup A/C alternatives
  • Have a fundraising event that also promotes the campaign
  • Hand fans with giving pyramid printed on them
  • Early gain to repair HVAC #1
  • Celebrate the gains
  • Communicate a mission of self-sustaining maintenance
  • Have some extra in an emergency fund

Suggested Priorities:

  1. Repair HVAC #1
  2. Gutters
  3. Replace Water Fountain
  4. Mini-Split (Retroactive)
  5. Replace HVAC units