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What Did We Appreciate?

  • There was congregational participation
  • We could be together
  • We were outside and could see one another without masks
  • We did the best we could
  • The dog had fun, and children like to see animals
  • Trunks were decorated well
  • People were there that we haven't seen in a while
  • We regained our tradition

What Could Go Better Next Time

  • Do more publicity and start earlier
  • Have a walk-up Trunk or Treat instead of Drive Through
  • Use lawn signs similar to what The Red Church does
  • Make sure its not the same day as other Church's events
  • Bring back the Cake Walk
  • Set the hours to 5-7 instead of 6-8 to maximize daylight
  • Have some more animals
  • Have some more activities
  • Perhaps do some more outside decorating