Visiting for the First Time
  • What is it like? At St. Francis, like all Episcopal Churches, we follow the Book of Common Prayer for all of our services.  You will find the worship to be traditional without being stuffy.  If you're unsure of how to follow along, ask someone near you in the pews, speak with the priest outside of the service, or also listen, observe, and allow the community to carry you along.
  • What about my kids?  All children are welcome to join us during our Sunday services.  For those who need extra help sitting still, busy bags are available in the back.  You can ask one of the ushers for some help.  For our smallest ones, you can always place them in our nursery.
  • What do I wear? There is no dress code at St. Francis.  Some people come formally attired, while others are more casual.  We are glad that you are here so wear what makes you feel the most comfortable.
  • How can I get connected?  First and foremost, join us for Sunday Eucharist.  Then consider participating in our daily prayer services on Facebook live.  You are also welcome to join any of our men's or women's fellowships, Bible Study, or Sunday School.  For more details contact the Rector and he'll be happy to speak with you.