What We Believe
Scripture, Tradition, and Reason

Episcopal doctrine involves interesting conversations between what Scripture says, how historic tradition has interpreted Scripture, and how our reason helps to make sense of Scripture in our own day and age.  Using the tradition of the Church Year as a lens is one way to examine some basic doctrines.

Advent - We believe that our ultimate destiny is unity with God.  This unity began with Christ's incarnation and will find it's completion at the end of time.

Christmas - We believe that in the person of Jesus Christ, perfect humanity was united to perfect divinity, setting into motion a transformation that affects us all.

Epiphany - Contained within the Trinity is perfect love, affection, and affirmation.  The work of Christ conforms us to that Trinitarian love.

Lent - Throughout history human beings have misused the gift of freedom and are in need of redemption and correction.  Through His self-sacrifice on the cross, Jesus Christ was able to effect in us what we are unable to do through our own efforts.

Easter - In rising from the grave, Jesus Christ overcame the powers of sin and death and opened for us the way of eternal life.

Pentecost - The gift of the Holy Spirit assures our continued connection to God, allowing us to grow in grace throughout our lives.